Enter the GrowBoat

The GrowBoat aims to be the most exciting networking event in the app industry, connecting founders, CEOs, CMOs and experts around the globe.

Selected crew members will sail three hours on a catamaran and enjoy the beauty of the sea while building their network with other experts. As we aim to make this a relaxed event series and we all hate to shy away from sales pitches we have limited the event to a maximum of two people from our sponsors.

Want to become part of our crew? Apply by signing up for our newsletter and reply to our welcome message with some simple answers about yourself. This is the only way to get on our list of potential crew members.

Setting sail in Barcelona


Next trip planned for September 2020!

Get on board now!

Have a look how much we enjoyed the last trip!

The GrowBoat Barcelona May 2019 was an absolutely enjoyable experience for all crew members. See some pictures below and the full album on our facebook page!    

San Francisco 2019

This June we were leaving European waters and found our harbour in San Francisco, sailing along San Francisco Bay. Thanks to our sponsors Lab Cave and Adjust for making this possible. Also a big thank you to our great crew on board and our partner and host App Growth Summit, for making this day so exciting and fun. 

See some pictures below and the full album on our facebook page.

Vision and Mission


Sailing alone can be nice and might be fun when the sun is shining. But imagine a storm arises and you have to decide to either go around or sail through. You might make it through easily

Sailing with a crew on board makes it much more enjoyable and probably safer. You might even arrive faster. All these metaphors are easily applicable to the startup industry and entrepreneurship. This is why we decided to create an event for the brightest minds from the app industry with limited space but maximum output.


The GrowBoat is limited to Founders, CEOs, CMOs and other high level profiles. We do not want to become the next “biggest industry event” or have literally as many people as possible in our crew. The mission of the GrowBoat is to connect the leading heads, having some fun on a boat with meaningful conversations about their struggles – Growth, UA, Retention, Monetisation, Funding or whatever other topic might arise. Sailing through these challenges is much easier when you get the right advice from someone who was in the same situation already. You will get this on the GrowBoat.


Three hours of sailing & networking will give you direct access to decision makers from the app industry. We limit our sponsorship opportunities to a maximum of 2 sponsors only, with a maximum of 1 person each. If you want to become the exclusive sponsor for a trip please get in touch and we can discuss the options.

As a sponsor you have the opportunity to get personal introductions to our crew which is limited to be Founders, CEOs, CMOs or similar experts.

Before we set sail you have the option to speak for up to 10 minutes about your company & product, and you are encouraged to suggest a topic that the crew members might want to discuss during the trip.

As we want to be as ecological as possible we do not allow flyers or any other merchandise apart from branded towels, suntan lotion or any other helpful things that will make our trip better.

The event is exclusive but it is far from posh. We want our crew members to enjoy the trip, they might even get wet or want to jump into the sea for a swim. So bring your bathing suite and have fun with our crew members!

Get in touch: info@growboat.io