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The GrowBoat brings the brightest minds of the digital marketing industry together for work, play and some really good food.

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Agenda for the growboat

09:00 - 14:00
workshop with catering
09:00 - 14:00
14:30 - 18:00
sail on THE berlin growboat, with snacks and LUNCH [LIMITED SEATS]
14:30 - 18:00
exclusive EXECUTIVE dinner


Luis camara 
VP of Marketing @ Rovio Entertainment
Performance Marketing Director @ Admiral Media 
ASO Expert @ GameLoft | 10 Years Experience in Marketing 
tobias boerner
Co-Founder of Fastic 
Pedro de Almeida
Senior Director Sales & Account Management, EMEA @ Remerge
Bruno Romao Rodrigues
Regional Digital Marketing Lead @ FREE NOW
Ferdinand Noordermeer
User Acquisition Manager at Wooga
In this presentation, we will explore how Rovio organizes Marketing & Growth and dive into why it’s key for UA, Product Marketing, Community and other growth and marketing teams to be part of the Product Team.

You do not want to miss this golden opportunity!
Wondering why your ASA campaign is not running or lacks visibility?
Learn how to scale your ASA visibility for non-Search ads placements, and which keywords you should be bidding for on Search results.
A presentation about the how app’s can add new revenue streams into their portfolio. Dive deeper into the topic, with Tobias Boerner – who have successfully scaled various apps including LOVOO and Fastic on a global scale. 

This is a presentation, you definitely do NOT want to miss!
Pablo Perez will take us a dive deeper into the world of SKAN 4.0, the latest in mobile ad tracking.
This presentation will illuminate the challenges of limited data visibility and address the complexities of conversion value optimization. Discover the new features introduced in SKAN 4.0, and gain insights into its major updates. Lastly, equip yourself with actionable steps to implement and benefit from SKAN 4.0 in real-world scenarios.
A comprehensive app growth strategy is made up of two components: user acquisition and retargeting. In this panel we’ll unpack their differences, when to use each strategy, and how using them together is key to success.

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WORKSHOP From 09am - 02pm

Meet your challenges

In this practical workshop you will get general input and the opportunity to dive into real challenges together with the experts.

Learn from experts

The topics will be prepared and presented by experts with years of experience in these topics.

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The GrowBoat will be sailing in several European cities in 2024!

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Introducing the GrowBoat, for those who seek to explore the open city waters while building valuable connections. Enjoy the great food and drinks.

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